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Rob and Jane are Retiring from the Village Shop and Tea Room!

Our Plan:
We are looking to transfer the shop from commercial enterprise to community ownership safeguarding its future for everybody.

Why a Community Shop?
The shop is in Elaine’s very capable hands and we would like it to stay that way.
We want to ensure the future of the shop for the community so we thought if the shop is part of the community, why not let the community be part of the shop.

What are we looking for from members of the community?
There will be the opportunity for share ownership from just £20 to £20,000. One shareholder one vote. Shares will qualify for 30% tax relief under the Enterprise Investment Scheme.

Rob and I will become shareholders and we have pledged to buy shares for our full-time staff members.

There will be the opportunity to volunteer. The community is no stranger to volunteering: The Langdale Trust was formed in 1902, there is a Recreation Ground Committee, the Sickness and District Fund not to mention our Parish Council.

What does the community gain?
A thriving shop and tea room in this rural community for the long-term.
This is particularly beneficial to those who are disadvantaged by lack of transport or limited personal mobility. The next closest shop is a nine mile round trip, doesn’t deliver during blizzards and is an expensive 15 minute journey for a daily newspaper, milk or bread, as well as the odd item forgotten during the weekly shop be it online or in person.

The shop will continue to be the local hub, supporting both Church and School.
In addition to being local, employing local and sourcing local, community shops are a resilient form of business – the success rate is over 95% and NO community shop has failed within the last 3 years. Why should Compton be any different?

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To find out more, or to enquire about shares or volunteering: Email Rob or Jane at

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